Writing a Java event handler
Writing a Java event handler that uses the iServer API is similar to writing other types of event handlers. You create a Java event handler class, make the class available to BIRT, and associate the class with a report element. The difference is the additional JAR files required to access the iServer API.
You must add the following JAR files in the build path and classpath when configuring the Java event handler project:
This JAR file provides the event handler classes and access to the reportContext object. If you use the ULocale methods, com.ibm.icu_version.jar is also required. $ACTUATE_HOME is the location where iServer is installed.
This JAR file contains the definitions of the classes and methods in the iServer API.
Figure 24-2 shows the build path of a Java project that uses the iServer API. In this example, Actuate BIRT Designer is installed on the same machine where iServer is installed. If Actuate BIRT Designer is installed on a different machine, you must copy the JAR files from the iServer machine to your workspace.
Figure 24-2  

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