How to search for files that use a specific database, table, or column
In Databases, select an item from the list of database host names and types. The list shows only database hosts found in the current project, regardless of the scope of the search.
Optionally, after the database host name, type a table name and a column name. Type a colon (:) to separate each item, as shown in the following examples:
Classic Models Sample Database:Products
Classic Models Sample Database:Products:Productline
You can choose Refine to search for and select a table or a column. The Refine dialog box, however, lists only the tables and columns used by files in the current project.
In Scope, select the scope of the search. You can search the entire workspace, the resources selected in Navigator, the projects that enclose the selected resources, or predefined working sets.
Figure 25-1 shows an example of searching for the Productline column in the Products table in the Classic Models sample database.
Figure 25-1  
Choose Search. The search results appear in the Search view, as shown in Figure 25-2. Search displays all the files that use the specified column and the file locations. For each file, Search identifies the data set in which the column is defined.
Figure 25-2  

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