<font-aliases> section
In the <font-aliases> section, you can:
Define a mapping from a generic family to a font family. For example, the following code defines a mapping from the generic type “serif” to a Type1 font family Times-Roman:
<mapping name="serif" font-family="Times-Roman"/>
Define a mapping from a font family to another font family. This definition is useful if you want to use a font for PDF rendering which differs from the font used at design time. For example, the following code shows how to replace simsun with Arial Unicode MS:
<mapping name="simsun" font-family="Arial Unicode MS"/>
Previous versions of Actuate BIRT Designer use the XML element <font-mapping> instead of <font-aliases>. In the current release, a <font-mapping> element works in the same way as the new <font-aliases> element. When a font configuration file uses both <font-mapping> and <font-aliases>, the engine merges the different mappings from the two sections. If the same entries exist in both sections, the settings in <font-aliases> override those in <font-mapping>.

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