<font-paths> section
If the section <font-paths> is set in fontsConfig.xml, the engine ignores the system-defined font folder, and loads the font files specified in the section, <font-paths>. You can add a single font path or multiple paths, ranging from one font path to a whole font folder, as shown in the following example:
<path path="c:/windows/fonts"/>
<path path="/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/TTF/arial.ttf"/>
If this section is set, the PDF layout engine will only load the font files in these paths and ignore the system-defined font folder. If you want to use the system font folder as well, you must include it in this section.
On some systems, the PDF layout engine does not recognize the system-defined font folder. If you encounter this issue, add the font path to the <font-paths> section.

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