How to create a connection profile from Data Source Explorer
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Data Source Explorer lists the data source types for which you can create connection profiles, and any previously defined connection profiles, as shown in Figure 27-10.
Figure 27-10  
Database Connections supports creating profiles to connect to databases using drivers shipped with Actuate BIRT Designer. These database drivers provide access to the graphical SQL query builder. Creating a database connection profile is equivalent to creating a data source by selecting JDBC Database Connection for Query Builder in the data source wizard. ODA Data Sources supports creating profiles to connect to all the other types of data sources.
Specify a name for the connection profile. Use a name that describes the data source, so that you or other report developers can identify it when selecting the profile later.
Specify the information to connect to the data source. The connection properties are the same as the properties displayed by the data source wizard. Figure 27-11 shows an example of connection properties for Amazon DynamoDB.
Figure 27-11  
Choose Finish. The connection profile appears under the data source type in Data Source Explorer. Figure 27-12 shows a connection profile, ProductsDatabase-DynamoDB, under Amazon DynamoDB Data Source.
Figure 27-12  

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