Binding Connection Profile Store URL property
The Connection Profile Store URL property is the path and name of the connection profile store file that contains the connection profile used in a report. The report developer can use the property binding feature in the BIRT data source editor to assign a dynamic file path or URL to Connection Profile Store URL property. This can be done at report run time without changing the report design itself. You can create multiple connection profile store files for different purposes and pass them to a report as parameters at run time.
For example, you have two JDBC connection profiles to the same database using different user names and passwords. These profiles are stored in two separate profile store files. At run time, you can select the profile store you want to use to connect to the database. Connection Profile Store URL property name is OdaConnProfileStorePath. You can also use the property binding feature to specify a JavaScript expression for the value of OdaConnProfileStorePath. This feature provides the flexibility to define a different root path for different file properties. For example, the JavaScript expression can include a variable to control the root path:
config[ "birt.viewer.working.path" ].substring(0,2) + "../../data/ProfileStore.acconnprofiles"
Alternatively, you can use a reportContext object to pass session information and build the path expression.

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