Accessing resource identifiers in the run-time ODA driver
For run time, the BIRT ODA run-time consumer passes its resource location information in the org.eclipse.datatools.connectivity.oda.util.ResourceIdentifiers instance in the appContext map. ODA run-time drivers can get the instance in any one of the setAppContext methods, such as IDriver.setAppContext:
To get the instance from the appContext map, pass the map key ResourceIdentifiers.ODA_APP_CONTEXT_KEY_CONSUMER_RESOURCE_IDS, defined by the class as a method argument.
To get the URI of the associated report design file folder call getDesignResourceBaseURI( ) method. The URI is application-dependent and it can be absolute or relative. If your application maintains relative URLs, call the getDesignResourceURILocator.resolve( ) method to get the absolute URI.
The code snippet on Listing 27-7 shows how to access the resource identifiers through the application context.
Listing 27-7  
URI resourcePath = null;
URI absolutePath = null;
Object obj = this.appContext.get( ResourceIdentifiers.ODA_APP_CONTEXT_KEY_CONSUMER_RESOURCE_IDS );
if ( obj != null )
  ResourceIdentifiers identifier = (ResourceIdentifiers)obj;
  if ( identifier.getDesignResourceBaseURI( ) != null )
  {  resourcePath = identifier.getDesignResourceBaseURI();
    if ( ! resourcePath.isAbsolute() )
      absolutePath = identifier.getDesignResourceURILocator().resolve( resourcePath );
      absolutePath = resourcePath;

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