Maintaining a data object
Changes you make to any item in a data object propagate to the reports and dashboard gadgets that use that item. For example, if you add a dimension to a cube in a data object, all reports and gadgets that use that cube have access to the new dimension. This automatic-update functionality is useful for applying necessary updates, such as connection properties in a data source, to all reports and gadgets.
However, the automatic-update functionality also means that you have to be careful with the type of change that you make. The following changes can cause errors in reports and gadgets:
To fix errors resulting from a renamed or deleted data object item, the user has to recreate the report element or dashboard gadget to use a different data object item.
Before changing a data object, run an impact analysis report to determine how many files, and which files, are affected. For information about this process, see Chapter 25, “Performing impact analysis.”

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