Accessing an having multiple sections
A BIRT report design can retrieve data from a complex, multi-section Each data set, however, can access data from a single section only. For example, if an contains parallel sections to display an orders report and a payments report side-by-side, a data set can access data either from the orders report or the payments report, but not from both.
A data set is also limited to accessing data from either data controls or page controls, but not from both. Typically, a BIRT report uses data from data controls.
To determine which controls are available for use in the same data set, open the ROD file in e.Report Designer Professional to view the report structure. If the ROD file is not available, use the Output Columns page in Edit Data Set in BIRT Designer Professional to examine the partially scoped name of each column. The name’s scope appears before the scope resolution operator (::), as shown in the following example:

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