Adds a specified number of months to a date value.
ADD_MONTH(date, n)
The date or date expression that represents the start date.
The number of months to add to the start date. If you specify a negative number, the result is as if the number is subtracted from the start date.
The date value that results from adding the specified number of months to the start date. This function always returns a valid date. If necessary, the day part of the resulting date is adjusted downward to the last day of the resulting month in the resulting year. For example, if you add one month to 1/31/08, ADD_MONTH( ) returns 2/29/08, not 2/31/08 or 2/28/08, because 2008 is a leap year.
The following example adds two months to each date value in the InitialRelease field:
ADD_MONTH([InitialRelease], 2)

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