IN( )
Tests if a value is equal to a value in a list.
IN(source, target1,..., targetN)
The value to test. The value can be a string, numeric, or date value.
target1, ..., targetN
The value or values to compare to.
True if the source value is equal to one of the target values; returns false otherwise.
The following example tests if New Haven, Baltimore, or Cooperstown are values in the city field. If any one of the cities is in the field, IN( ) returns true.
IN([city], "New Haven", "Baltimore", "Cooperstown")
The following example tests if 9/15/08 or 9/30/08 are values in the payDate field:
IN([payDate], "9/15/08", "9/30/08")
The following example uses IN( ) in conjunction with the IF( ) function to test if Ships or Trains are values in the ProductLine field. If Ships or Trains is a value in the field, display Discontinued Item; otherwise, display the product line value as it appears in the field.
IF(IN([ProductLine], "Ships", "Trains"),"Discontinued Item", [ProductLine])

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