Due to certain aspects of using Flash objects with Actuate BIRT, there are situations where the Flash object does not work as expected. Data for the Flash object is embedded in the Flash object by default. If you create a Flash chart or gadget that contains data exceeding 64KB, you get an error, such as “A script in this movie is causing Adobe Flash Player to run slowly.” This error can appear in either Actuate BIRT Designer or Actuate Interactive Viewer.
To fix this error, set the Embed Data property of the chart or gadget to false, and rebuild the report. This property setting prevents data from being embedded in the Flash object, and the object displays properly. To set the Embed Data property, in the report layout, select the Flash chart or gadget, and in Property Editor, select Advanced. Note, however, that setting a chart’s Embed Data property to false displays the chart in an HTML report only. The chart does not appear in PDF.

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