Task 4:  
The data set created in the previous task returns sales data for four worldwide territories: APAC (Asia Pacific), EMEA (Europe and middle east), Japan, and NA (North America). In this procedure, look in the Flash object library for a map suitable for representing data in these territories.
Choose Map Gallery—World & Continents. This folder lists three world maps: World Map, World Map (Countries), and World Map (8 Regions). Review each map.
For this tutorial, either World Map or World Map (8 Regions) is suitable for the data. Use World Map. The help displays the image of World Map, as shown in Figure 18-14.
Figure 18-14  
World Map displays the names of the continents as two-letter abbreviations: NA, SA, AF, EU, AS, and AU. The Classic Models data uses these acronyms for the sales territories: APAC, EMEA, Japan, NA.

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