Using the dataXML variable to pass XML data
Use the dataXML variable if the XML to pass to the Flash object is less than 64KB, a limit imposed by the Flash Player. Passing the data through the dataXML variable embeds the data in the Flash object. If the XML exceeds 64KB, the Flash Player displays an error. When using the dataXML variable, you write JavaScript code, as shown in the code examples in the previous section, to generate the XML. Writing this code requires a basic understanding of BIRT events and their order of execution, as well as, BIRT elements and the functions for manipulating data.
How to use the dataXML variable to pass data to the Flash object
This procedure assumes you have already generated the data in XML format, as described in the previous section.
In the JavaScript expression builder, type an expression that passes the complete XML to the Flash object. The following expression passes the XML for creating the doughnut chart shown earlier in Figure 18-8:
//Get the data generated and saved in the g_dataPart global var
var g_dataPart = reportContext.getPersistentGlobalVariable("g_dataPart");
//Build the complete XML
"<chart caption='Company Revenue' showPercentageValues='1'>" + g_dataPart + "</chart>"

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