About HTML5 charts
Actuate BIRT Designer release 11SP4 introduces a new chart format built on HTML5 technology. HTML5 is an open standard for structuring and presenting content for the World Wide Web, and is increasingly regarded as the alternative to Flash for creating interactive and animated content for traditional and mobile devices.
HTML5 charts provide the following benefits:
Animated charts that display on all computers and mobile devices. Flash charts are not supported on all mobile devices. BIRT charts (SVG, BMP, JPG, and PNG) that are generated with the BIRT chart engine are designed for static, print-based documents.
Highly customizable charts whose presentation, design-time and generation-time properties you can control through the user interface and scripting. Flash charts support only a limited number of properties that can be customized through scripting. BIRT charts support extensive scripting, but not animation.

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