Formatting an HTML5 chart
As with a BIRT chart, you format an HTML5 chart using one or both of the following methods:
Apply a chart theme, which defines styles for the different parts of a chart. Themes provide a flexible way to define and maintain styles in one place and reuse them for any chart that you create. Actuate BIRT Designer provides several predefined themes for HTML5 charts. For a custom look, create your own chart themes.
If using both methods to format a chart, the properties in the chart theme function as the basis for the chart’s appearance. Properties that you set in the Format Chart page override properties set by the theme.
The user interface indicates clearly whether a property is set by a theme or set in the chart builder. Properties presented as a list box or as radio buttons display the value Auto for default values that are set by a theme or by the software. These properties display a specific value if set in the chart builder.
Properties set through check boxes have three states—on, off, and default. A check mark indicates the on state, an empty check box indicates the off state, and a check box with a grey check mark or a blue square indicates the default state. The symbol for the default state changes depending on the Windows theme that your machine uses.
A default state can be set by a theme or the software, and the default state can be either on or off. So, even though it might appear counter-intuitive, a grey check mark does not necessarily mean that a property is on by default. For example, the Use Glass Style property, available in the Select Chart Type page, as shown in Figure 15-1, is set to the default state, and the software’s default value is off. To apply the glass style to the chart, you would click the check box until it displays a check mark.
Similarly, the property below it, Turn Off Animation, is set to the default state, which is off. In other words, animation is turned on by default. To turn off animation, you would click the check box until it displays a check mark.

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