Installing custom ODA drivers and custom plug-ins
All custom ODA drivers and custom plug-ins must be installed in the following folder:
By default, Actuate iServer and Information Console load custom plug-ins from this folder. If your application uses a different location to store custom plug-ins, you must set this location in each product’s link file. Actuate products use link files to locate folders where the custom plug-ins are deployed. The name of the link files are and As the file names suggest, the file stores the path for custom ODA drivers, and is for all plug-ins used by BIRT reports and the BIRT engine, such as custom emitters, or Flash object library plug-ins. Typically, the link files are stored in a \links subfolder of the Eclipse instance of the product. For Actuate BIRT Designer, for example, the file is located in:
You can change the path in file and deploy the plug-ins to the new location.
When you install the InformationConsole.war file to your own J2EE application server, the shared folder MyClasses is not available. In this case, custom plug-ins should be copied to this folder:
The locations of the link files for each product are listed in Table 26-1.
Table 26-1  

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