Specifying bookmark names
As Figure 6-2 showed, BIRT generates a bookmark for each result set, and assigns bookmark names using the __bookmark_# format. If you are designing the report from which to generate a report document, you can specify more descriptive bookmark names to better identify the data in result sets. For example, instead of using the default name, __bookmark_1, to refer to the result set for the sales summary table, specify a name, such as Sales Totals by State.
How to specify a bookmark name
Figure 6-4  
"Order: " + row["ORDERNUMBER"]
Specify an expression if, for example, a table is nested within another table or a list. In this case, the generated report document typically contains multiple instances of the inner table, and each table instance has a result set. If each table instance provides data about a particular sales order, for example, it is useful to identify each result set by order number, as shown in Figure 6-3.

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