ACL expression syntax
The ACL expression must evaluate to a string, and can be either a JavaScript or EasyScript expression. If specifying multiple security IDs, separate each with a comma.
The following expressions are examples of ACL expressions in JavaScript. The first expression specifies a literal role name. The second expression specifies two literal role names. The third expression evaluates to role names, such as Sales Manager France or Sales Manager Canada. The fourth expression specifies two literal role names and an expression that evaluates to role names.
"CFO" + "," + "Sales VP"
"Sales Manager " + row["Country"]
"CFO" + "," + "Sales VP" + "," + "Sales Manager " + row["COUNTRY"]
The following ACL expressions are the EasyScript equivalent:
"CFO" & "," & "Sales VP"
"Sales Manager " & [Country]
"CFO" & "," & "Sales VP" & "," & "Sales Manager " & row["COUNTRY"]

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