Controlling user access to data
In addition to page-level security, iServer also supports data security, which controls user access to a particular set of data provided by a BIRT data object. For example, you can design a data object that returns one set of data rows for one group of dashboard or report users, and a different set for another group of users.
You can limit access to the following items in a data object:
After designing the data object, generate a data object store (a .data file) and publish this file to an iServer volume. iServer supports data security on .data files, but not on .datadesign files.
A user can only see and use the data items to which she is granted access. The security rules apply to users designing a dashboard in BIRT 360 or a report in BIRT Studio, as well as, users running a dashboard or report.
Unlike page-level security, the concept of cascading, or inherited, ACLs does not apply to data security. A cube does not inherit the ACL specified for the data set that the cube uses. Similarly, a joined data set does not inherit ACLs specified for the underlying data sets.

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