About tube, cone, and pyramid charts
Tube, cone, and pyramid charts are variations of the bar chart that use tubular, conical, and pyramid-shaped risers in place of bars. You use a bar, tube, cone, or pyramid chart when.you want to display data values as a set of vertical or horizontal columns.
You can use Interactive Viewer to modify the subtype of tube, cone and pyramid charts to side-by-side, stacked, or percent stacked type depending on which type best represents the data being used. You can also specify formatting options for the chart, as described later in this document.
The example chart shown in Figure 8-4, Figure 8-5, and Figure 8-6 uses the same data, sales of a product line across quarters, to illustrate these different chart types.
Figure 8-4  
Figure 8-5  
Figure 8-6  

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