Drilling up or down data hierarchies in a chart
In some charts that contain hierarchical data, such as a chart in a cross tab, Interactive Viewer supports drilling down into category or value series to view more detailed data, or drilling up to view summary data. In a chart, drill-up or drill-down capability is available for a category or value series. For example, if the category axis of a chart displays location in regions, such as North America, EMEA, APAC, and so on, you can select a region to view detailed data for that region. You can then select each country in the region to view detailed data for that country, and select each city to view details about sales, customers, and so on, in the selected city. Similarly, you can drill up from a city view, to get a summarized country view of the data, or a broader region view of the data.
In the following example, the category axis displays time in years. By selecting the label for each year, you can drill down to view detailed data for each quarter in the year and further to view details for each month in the quarter. Similarly, you can drill up to view summarized data for the same hierarchies. You can drill up from a month view, to a quarter view, or directly to a year view of the data in the chart. This section also explains how you can perform a similar action on hierarchical data in a value series.

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