Modifying Adobe Flash Player options
This section describes how to modify Adobe Flash Player to display redraw regions, debug and correct scripting errors, change the settings of the Flash player, and get more information about the version of Adobe Flash Player currently in use. To get more information about your version of Adobe Flash Player, select the chart or gadget, then choose About Adobe Flash Player from the context menu.
Displaying redraw regions
A redraw region is the area around a chart or gadget that is redrawn when that object changes. Everything in a redraw region is redrawn during the next rendering phase after an object changes. Displaying a redraw region provides you with information about changes made to the Flash chart. Sometimes Flash Player combines several closely spaced objects together in a single redraw region, improving performance speed of the objects being rendered.
To display redraw regions, select the chart or gadget, and choose Redraw region from the context menu. A red box appears on the object showing the redraw region.
Using the debugger option
You can use this option to debug and correct errors that occur in the scripts and code that run Flash charts and gadgets. To use the debugger option, select the chart or gadget, and choose Debugger from the context menu.
Modifying settings
You use this option to customize Adobe Flash Player settings based on your requirements. You can modify display, privacy, local storage, microphone, and camera settings. To modify Flash Player settings, select the chart or gadget, and choose Settings from the context menu. Make the modifications on the Adobe Flash Player Settings dialog box that appears. Choose Close.

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