Modifying HTML5 charts
In Release 11 Service Pack 4, Actuate BIRT Viewers support a new chart format built on HTML5 technology. HTML5 is an open standard for structuring and presenting content for the World Wide Web, and is increasingly regarded as the alternative to Flash when creating interactive and animated content for traditional and mobile devices. You can use the viewers to view HTML5 charts created using BIRT Designer Professional.
HTML5 charts are animated charts that you can view on all platforms and mobile devices. Report developers who create these charts can use scripting to customize properties such as presentation, design time, and generation time to a greater extent than when using Flash charts. Standard BIRT charts support extensive scripting but do not support animation.
Information about working with regular charts, Flash charts, and Flash objects in a report is provided in an earlier section in this document. The following section describes how you can use Interactive Viewer to work with HTML5 charts to modify formatting properties, create filters to view specific data, export data and export the charts to various supported formats. Figure 8-54 shows an example of an HTML5 bar chart displaying total sales by country and produce line.
Figure 8-54  

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