Comparing to a literal value
The conditional expression, as shown in Figure 3-9 in the previous section, evaluates the Credit Limit column and compares each value to determine if it matches a value between 100000 and 200000. The 100000 and 200000 values are literal values that you type.
Alternatively, you can select a value from the list of values in the Credit Limit column. Selecting from a list of values is useful if the comparison value is a customer name and you do not know the exact customer names, or if the comparison value is a date and you do not know the date format to type. If the comparison value is a date, Interactive Viewer also provides a calendar tool, which you can use to select a date.
How to select a comparison value from a list of values
Select values appears. Choose Specify literal value, then choose Select Values. The values in the selected column appear. Figure 3-10 shows an example of the values in the credit limit column.
Figure 3-10  
Select a value from the list, then choose OK. The value appears in the comparison value field on Conditional Formatting.

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