Exporting report data
You export report data to extract some or all of the data from a report, to use the data in another document, or format. For example, you can export customer sales data from a previous quarter, then use the numbers in a spreadsheet to create a forecast for an upcoming quarter.
The viewers support the ability to export report data as a comma-separated values (.csv) file, a pipe-separated values (.psv) file, a tab-separated values (.tsv) file, or a semicolon-separated values (.ssv) file. These files store data in a flat file format, which Excel can read. The difference between these formats is the character used as the data delimiter, which can be a comma, pipe, tab, or semicolon. You choose a format to export report data based on the requirements of the application to which you export the data, and the purpose for which you plan to use the exported data. You can also export data from BIRT Dashboard gadgets to these flat file formats.
Once you choose a format to export the data, Excel displays the exported data in a spreadsheet. You can now resize columns and format the data as you would do for any other spreadsheet.
When you export data, you cannot export a table or chart element, but you can export the data displayed in both these elements.

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