Exporting content to PDF format
You can export report content or report elements, such as charts, or cross tabs, to PDF format. The PDF emitter in the BIRT Viewers provide consistent layout, and pagination properties between PDF and HTML output formats. The PDF emitter also produces a high-quality PDF file, with a small file size. In addition it provides high quality images for charts, and scalable vector graphics (SVG) format in PDF output. The available customization options are described in the following section.
You can also export Flash charts and Flash gadgets to PDF format. When you export Flash charts and gadgets to PDF format, the BIRT Viewers support embedding the exported element in the PDF file, enabling you to easily interact with the Flash elements. Flash charts and gadgets retain their animation properties when exported to PDF format.
When you print an exported Flash chart or gadget, the embedded file in the PDF document, must be viewed in order for it to appear on the printed page. In a multipage report with Flash content on several pages, view each page, so that the embedded Flash elements are loaded, and then print the required pages for the Flash content to be visible in the printed output. If you do not view the pages before printing the file, the Flash content is not visible in the printed output, for pages that were not viewed.
More information about charts, Flash charts and Flash gadgets is available in later sections of this document.

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