Providing parameter values
If a report design already uses filters, and requires you to enter values to display data, you are prompted to enter these values before a report is run. The prompt value is called a parameter. Parameters enable users to control displayed content, without editing the report. You can modify the parameter values at any time by choosing the parameter option from the main menu. For example, in a report that displays sales data by sales office, you can use parameter values to select which sales office data to view in the report. Even if you are the only person reading the report, a parameter value enables you to view specific content in the report.
If you save a report design file containing parameters as a report document file, the user can no longer specify parameter values to view specific data. The viewers display data based on parameter values specified when the report design was saved as a report document file.
Reports using dynamic filters, require you to first select an operator, and then supply one or more parameter values for which the viewers display data. Supplying specific parameter values in such reports is often optional, and you can select the No Condition operator to view all the data in the report. You cannot create dynamic filters using the viewers.

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