How to create a filter
Select the column containing the data values to evaluate. For example, to create a filter that displays data rows based on specific values in the credit limit column, select the credit limit column.
In Condition, select the comparison test, or operator, to apply to the selected column. Depending on the operator you select, Filter displays either one or two additional fields, or a completed filter condition.
Choose Select Values to select from a list of existing data values. Figure 7-5 shows how you can select a credit limit value of 11000 from the list of possible credit limit values. Use the Previous and Next buttons to navigate the list of values that appears.
Choose OK to apply the filter. If the report or report element such as chart, contains no data that matches the filter condition, Interactive Viewer does not display any data. Make sure you test the filter by applying it and viewing the resulting report.
Figure 7-5  

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