Rounds a number to the nearest specified multiple.
CEILING(num, significance)
The numeric value to round to.
The multiple to round num to.
The number that results from the rounding up. If num is an exact multiple of significance, no rounding occurs.
CEILING( ) is commonly used to round up prices. For example, to avoid dealing with pennies, you can round up prices in a Price data field to the nearest nickel using the following expression:
CEILING([Price], 0.05)
If the Price value is 20.52, CEILING( ) returns 20.55.
The following example rounds up prices to the nearest dime:
CEILING([Price], 0.1)
If the Price value is 20.52, CEILING( ) returns 20.60. If the Price value is 20.40, CEILING( ) returns 20.40. No rounding occurs because 20.40 is already a multiple of 0.1.
The following example rounds prices up to the nearest dollar:
CEILING([Price], 1)
If the Price value is 20.30, CEILING( ) returns 21.0.

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