About displaying and organizing report data
Interactive Viewer enables you to organize report data in several ways. You can change the width of columns, and move and remove columns to improve presentation or change the order of data in a report.
You can sort data in a column in ascending or descending order, organize data columns into groups, and create aggregate data values. You can create aggregate data, at the end of a customer group, for example, by displaying the total amount of a customer’s purchases or the average amount of each order. You can also create calculations, such as sums, standard deviations, rankings, and differences.
You can also use Interactive Viewer to change group and column headers, and to customize pagination in a multipage report by defining page breaks before or after groups. A group displays all the information about an item category in one place. For example, you can display all the information about one customer, then all the information about the next customer, and so on. You can display the information for customers and their orders by grouping the information by product, or you can display a company’s sales by geographical region.
You can hide columns, as well as report elements based on your needs. You can also hide duplicate data rows in a column, or a group. This document describes these tasks in more detail.

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