Modifying the width of a column
In addition to modifying the alignment and text properties of column data, you can optimize the layout of a report by adjusting the width of report columns according to the space occupied by column data.
For example, Figure 5-1 and Figure 5-2 show two reports. In Figure 5-1, the report uses the default column width. In Figure 5-2, the same report is modified to optimize its column width. As the example shows, the report in Figure 5-2 looks neater, and eliminates wasted space when you print, or export the content to other formats.
Figure 5-1  
Figure 5-2  
How to modify column width
Select the column. Place the cursor on the right or left border of the highlighted column. Using the cursor, drag the border inwards or outwards to increase or decrease the width of the selected column.

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