index page
Provides the entry point and structure for the parts of Actuate Information Console generated from multiple files.
The index page is the default entry point to the Actuate Information Console web application. The index page provides the entry point and structure to support the Files and Folders functionality. The structure is a table that Actuate Information Console uses to format and present files and folders data. Page content varies depending on the Actuate Information Console directive.
The index page uses the banner page to provide the reporting web page banner. filefolderlist.jsp uses the HTML code in <context root>\iportal\activePortal\private\filesfolders\filefolderlistcontent.jsp to display files and folders data.
<context root>\
<context root>\iportal\activePortal\private\filesfolders\filefolderlist.jsp
Table 14-8 describes the parameters for files and folders index page. The files and folders index page also uses the common URI parameters.
Specifies a message to appear when Actuate Information Console calls this page.

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