list page
Lists files in a container, such as a folder.
The list page presents a list of files and folders that reside in the current working repository folder. Users request folder listings by choosing links on the reporting web page. The list page includes a filter section where users specify criteria for viewing report documents.
When users access a repository for the first time, Actuate Information Console displays their home folder, if they have one, or the top folder in the repository. All files and folders in that folder that they have permission to view appear in the list page. Users can specify a filter to choose the types of files to view.
<context root>\
<context root>\iportal\activePortal\private\filesfolders\filefolderlist.jsp
Table 14-9 describes the parameters for the list page. The list page also uses the common URI parameters.
The filter specifying the file and folder names to list. Filter is a string. The default is "".
The folder for which to list the contents. Folder name is a string. If no folder is specified, list uses the last working folder known for the session if cookies are enabled. If cookies are not enabled, list uses the user’s home folder as specified in the user settings.
If true, show only the latest version of a file if multiple versions exist. If false, show all versions of a file if multiple versions exist. The default is false.
Any non-null value for resetFilter causes the filter to return to its original state. Users can reset the filter by choosing the Default button on the listing page.
If true, show all viewable documents. If false, do not show viewable documents. The default is true.
If true, show all report executables. If false, do not show report executables. The default is true.
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