Understanding a document root
The content files for a top-level help topic reside in a corresponding document root. For example, the using-dk document root contains DKusing-intro.2.1.html, DKusing-intro.2.2.html, and so on. These files are the content files for the help. Each document root also contains an index.html file. Opening this file displays the topic and content files for the book.
Within each document root is a wwhdata\common directory that contains the JavaScript files that organize help content and that link the help files to the application. Table 10-3 lists and describes the customizable <document root>\wwhdata\common contents.
Table 10-3  
Within each document root, a wwhdata\js directory contains JavaScript files that organize the navigation frame. This frame includes the table of contents (TOC), index, and search frames. Table 10-4 lists and describes the customizable <document root>\wwhdata\js contents.
Table 10-4  

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