Changing the index
The index displays keywords for help topics from individual content files. The index.js file located in the <document root>\wwhdata\js directory contains the index entries. The index.js file controls the following items:
For example, in the using-dk document root, the index entry for QBE expressions, starting at the letter Q, looks like the following code:
B=A.fA("QBE expressions");
C=B.fA("creating",new Array("31#481958","32#482151","33#482228"));
C=B.fA("defining ad hoc parameters for",new Array("31#481476","32#482106"));
C=B.fA("entering literal characters in",new Array("33#482364","34#481292"));
C=B.fA("formatting date values and",new Array("33#482248"));
C=B.fA("matching string values and",new Array("33#482288","33#482372","34#440077","34#481319"));
C=B.fA("retrieving blank characters and",new Array("34#481319"));
C=B.fA("retrieving null values and",new Array("33#482238"));
B=A.fA("query operators",new Array("31#481958"));
This code establishes the following structure:
The first entry below ''Q'' is the ''QBE expressions'' entry. This entry is one level down in the hierarchy, B=A.fA, of the index for ''Q''. ''QBE Expressions'' is merely a label and does not link to anything.
On the next level down in the hierarchy, C=B.fA, has seven entries, one for each of the sub-topics of QBE Expressions. Each entry has a label and an array of links to topics that the user can choose.
Figure 10-9 shows the hierarchy produced by this code.
Figure 10-9  

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