How to add a marker link to the index hierarchy
Use the following procedure to add a marker link to the index hierarchy of the Java Component help system.
Navigate to the document root directory. Open the content file that contains the anchor to which the index entry will link. Determine the value of the name attribute for the anchor. Then, close the content file without saving it.
In a text editor, open the files.js file and determine the internal file array number for the content file that you opened in step 1. Close files.js without saving it.
var B=A.fA("QBE expressions",new Array("3#394929"));
var is a keyword that must precede the entry if B has not been defined as a variable in this file prior to this line. Do not use var if B has already been defined.
To link the index entry to more than one marker, add each marker link to the list within the new Array parameters. Enclose each anchor reference in quotation marks. Delimit the anchor references with commas, shown in the following example:
var B=A.fA("QBE expressions",new Array("3#394929","3#394380","3#394677"));

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