Customizing requester pages
When a user chooses to run a report, a requester page appears. Using the requester page, a user chooses values for the report’s parameters, if there are any. The user can also select execution options, such as the desired output format. You can create or modify requester pages for your custom web application. The following list provides a summary of the techniques for customizing requester pages:
Create a new JSP form for the user to specify the desired report parameter values and then use these values to construct the appropriate Actuate Java Component URI to execute the report.
Actuate recommends this approach. It supports full control of the requester page design while using existing functionality for the execution of the report.
This approach is best for minor changes, such as hiding one of the many execution options that the page supports.
This approach provides full control of the requester page design and the processing of the report. Creating an Action class requires an understanding of Java and Jakarta Struts.

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