Changing a template
Make changes to all pages that use a particular template by changing only the template. Add or remove lines in the template that make cascading style sheets, JavaScript files, and other resources accessible to all pages that use the template. Customize the overall structure of all pages that use a template by moving, resizing, or removing the HTML, JSP, and Jakarta Struts code describing the layout of the web pages that use the template.
For example, the innerTable of <context root>\iportal\activePortal\private
\skins\treeview\templates\template.jsp specifies various HTML commands and embedded Jakarta Struts tags that populate the content frame. The inner banner with the breadcrumb is in the top row. The second row contains the content page.
<table class="innerTable" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">
<% if (!"false".equalsIgnoreCase(showBreadCrumb)) { %>
  <td class="allBreadcrumbs">
  <jsp:include page="<%= breadcrumb %>" flush="true" >
  <jsp:param name="fromDashboard" value="<%= fromDashboard %>" />
  <jsp:param name="showBanner" value="<%= showBanner %>" />
  <jsp:param name="showSideBar" value="<%= showSideBar %>" />
  <jsp:param name="showBreadCrumb" value="<%= showBreadCrumb %>" />
<% } %>
  <td class="fileFolderListContent" valign="top">  
  <template:get name="content" flush="true"/>
The breadcrumb, or navigation trail, is a link or set of links. On a document page, the breadcrumb displays the repository and any folders and pages you access. Use any of these items as a link to return to that level. For a jobs or channels page, the breadcrumb supports direct access to a document page.
To implement the expandable tree, a frameset in <context root>\iportal\activePortal\private\skins\treeview\templates\template.jsp specifies the sidebar and content frames using HTML and embedded Jakarta Struts tags that define the content.
<FRAMESET cols="20%,80%" border="1"
  onload="if (typeof(bodyOnload) != 'undefined') bodyOnload();">
  <FRAME src="<html:rewrite page="<%= sidebar %>"/>"
  <FRAME src="<html:rewrite href="<%= contentURL %>" />"

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