Modifying images
To use your own graphics, replace the default Java Component images. Java Component pages use images for the company logo in the banners, on the side menu, and for the background. Some pages use additional images that are related to their content. You can also add new images to pages.
Certain images are most easily changed by customizing a skin. You can customize the company logo and the My Folder icon for all skins. In addition, you can customize the open and closed folder icons and volume icon for a skin that is cloned from the Tree View skin. These and all other images that you can customize reside in <context root>\iportal\activePortal\private\skins\<skin name>\images. Update these images by using the skin customization pages to use new graphic files instead of changing the supplied graphic files. Customizing the images described in Table 3-8 affects most Java Component web pages.
Specifies the image to use to indicate a unexpanded folder in the hierarchical view of the volume and folders
Specifies the image to use to indicate an expanded folder in the hierarchical view of the volume and folders
Specifies the image to use to indicate a volume in the hierarchical view of the volume and folders
An additional image of interest is <context root>\iportal\activePortal\private\skins\<skin name>\images\background.gif. This image is used by the classic skin and its clones to provide the background for every page. This image is one pixel high and 1280 pixels long, and is copied as necessary to fill the page. You change the contents of this image file directly to modify the background of a classic skin clone.
All other images reside in <context root>\iportal\activePortal\images. This set of images provides the features on the side menu in the classic skin and the tree in the Tree View. Update these feature images by changing the corresponding feature definition in the <context root>\iportal\WEB-INF\functionality-level.config file.
Other images are referenced by hard-coded path and file names in JSP and JavaScript files, such as the icons in <context root>\iportal\activePortal\private\filesfolders\views\categories.jsp. For example, categories.jsp specifies the location and file name, <context root>\iportal\activePortal\images\detailicon.gif, a magnifying glass icon that is used to obtain more details about a document or other item in a list. When you change the location or replace an image with a new file, you must update the JavaScript and JSP files that use them. Alternatively, make a backup copy of the original image and then reuse the original name for your new image. By reusing the original name, you do not need to make any changes in the JSP and JavaScript files using the image.

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