Publishing a BIRT report design to the Actuate Java Component
Actuate Java Components generate BIRT reports using BIRT report design (.rptdesign) files and their associated resource files. Actuate Java Components access BIRT report design and associated resource files from configurable locations on a file system.
The default location designated for BIRT report design files is the repository folder in the context root directory structure, as illustrated in Figure 2-1.
Figure 2-1  
To configure the repository location for publishing BIRTdesigns and documents, change the value of the STANDALONE_REPOSITORY_PATH parameter in the Actuate Java Component’s web.xml file. The web.xml file is in the following location:
<context root>/WEB-INF
The following code sets STANDALONE_REPOSITORY_PATH to the <context root>/WEB-INF/repository subfolder:
BIRT_RESOURCE_PATH specifies the path to the shared resources for Actuate BIRT Java Components, including libraries, templates, properties, and Java archive (.jar) files for BIRT report designs. The default value is <context root>/WEB-INF/repository.

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