Publishing a BIRT resource to an Actuate Java Component
You configure the repository for publishing a BIRT resource using the BIRT_RESOURCE_PATH parameter in an Actuate Java Component’s web.xml file. The web.xml file is in the following location:
<context root>/WEB-INF
The following code sets BIRT_RESOURCE_PATH to the <context root>/resources subfolder:
BIRT_RESOURCE_PATH specifies the path to the shared resources for Actuate BIRT Java Components, including libraries, templates, properties, and Java archive (.jar) files for BIRT report designs. The default value is <context root>/resources.
If the BIRT report explicitly includes a resource such as a JAR file, library, CSS, a Flash (.swf) file, images, or JavaScript in the report design, then the resources need to be copied under the BIRT_RESOURCE_PATH folder to the correct relative path.
For example, if the images for your report are in the /images folder in your report design project, when you deploy the report, you copy the images to the <context root>/resources/images folder.
In cases when an Actuate BIRT report uses Java classes directly from JAR files, copy your JAR files to:
<context root>/scriptlib

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