Interactive Viewer servlet
Displays an Actuate BIRT report document with tools to affect the document and design files. The viewer has two modes, standard and interactive.
The Standard Viewer displays the report with toolbar options to save, print, show the TOC, and launch interactive mode, as shown in Figure 7-1.
Figure 7-1  
The Interactive Viewer displays the report with toolbar options to navigate the report and provides context menus to edit and format report elements, as shown in Figure 7-2.
Figure 7-2  
The viewer supports the rptdocument file format.
Invoke the Interactive Viewer servlet as:
http://<web server>:<port>/<context root>/iv
URI parameters
Table 7-3 lists and describes the URI parameters for the Interactive Viewer servlet.
Table 7-3  
reportlet: used together with __bookmark to show a particular part/element of the report

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