Customizing Java components for installation
When you deploy Java Components on an application server, you can use a customized Java Component application. To do this, you need to extract the contents of the Actuate Java Components WAR or EAR file and customize the files directly. After you customize the system, recreate a WAR or EAR file using the Java jar utility and redeploy it to your application server. The customizations can include any modifications of JavaScript, Java Server Pages (JSP) and other web pages, and skins. Later sections in this book provide detailed information about customizing JavaScript and JSPs.
When Actuate Java Component is deployed, you cannot further customize skins, add pages, or make any other changes that affect the Actuate Java Component file structure without extracting the contents of the WAR or EAR file, modifying the contents, and re-deploying it.
Clustered Actuate Java Component instances can use a third-party application to balance the load among the application servers. Actuate Java Component supports third-party load balancing, as illustrated in Figure 1-1, to ensure high availability and to distribute tasks for efficient processing.
Figure 1-1  

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