Actuate BIRT Analytics technology
A set of tools that supports the manipulation of multidimensional data to analyze relationships and trends. Actuate BIRT Analytics technology includes BIRT Data Analyzer, BIRT Data Analyzer option for BIRT iServer System, and BIRT Data Analyzer Java Component. Actuate BIRT iServer System options are separately purchased products.
Related terms
Actuate BIRT Data Analyzer, Actuate BIRT Data Analyzer option, Actuate BIRT iServer System, Actuate BIRT iServer System options, Actuate Java Components, application, multidimensional data
Contrast with
Actuate Analytics technology, Actuate Basic technology, Actuate BIRT Spreadsheet technology, Actuate BIRT technology, Actuate Enterprise Information Integration (EII) technology, Actuate iServer Integration Technology, analytics

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