A self-contained application that displays business information as content-rich gadgets on a web page. A dashboard supports creating new gadgets and displaying real-time or static data as interactive charts, cross-tabs, Flash visualizations, formatted text, and Reportlets. A dashboard contains one or more gadgets that display information or accept user input to change the content of a linked gadget. Actuate BIRT 360 supports the creation and use of dashboards on an Actuate BIRT iServer System, as shown in Figure G-15. Actuate JavaScript API (JSAPI) supports the presentation and linking of Actuate gadgets on a dashboard.
Figure G-15  
Related terms
Actuate BIRT 360, Actuate BIRT iServer System, Actuate JavaScript API (JSAPI), application, gadget design (.gadget) file, Reportlet, web page
Contrast with
dashboard design (.dashboard) file, structured content

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