file types
Table G-1 lists the file types that appear by default on File Types in Management Console.
Table G-1  
Related terms
Actuate Analytics parameters (.odp) file,, Basic source (.bas) file, cube (.cb4) file, cube profile (.dp4) file, cube report (.cvw) file, cube view (.cubeview) file, dashboard design (.dashboard) file, data connection definition (.dcd) file, data object design (.datadesign) file, data object instance (.doi) file, data object store (.data) file, data object value (.dov) file, data source map (.sma) file, external procedure object (.epr) file, gadget design (.gadget) file, information object, information object cache definition (.icd) file, information object (.iob) file, library (.rptlibrary) file, report design (.rptdesign) file, report document (.rptdocument) file, report object design (.rod) file, report object executable (.rox) file, report object instance (.roi) file, report object library (.rol) file, report object value (.rov) file, report template (.rpttemplate) file, search definition (.ros) file, spreadsheet object design (.sod) file, spreadsheet object executable (.sox) file, spreadsheet object instance (.soi) file

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