server processes
A set of cooperating processes that constitute Actuate BIRT iServer System. Table G-3 lists the Actuate BIRT iServer server processes.
Table G-3  
Manages the information object cache database, saving the data an information object retrieves to enable using cached data instead of repeatedly accessing a data source
Manages the files, folders, groups, roles, and users in an Encyclopedia volume and the related functionality of that Encyclopedia volume
Runs information object jobs by transforming an Actuate SQL query into the native query language for one or more data sources, transmitting the request, and receiving a response, and uses the Caching process as needed
Renders BIRT and spreadsheet reports to various formats, such as Dynamic HyperText Markup Language (DHTML), Excel, PDF, PostScript, and PowerPoint
Open data access (ODA) server process
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Contrast with
server service

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