Getting current data from an information object
When you select an information object, BIRT Studio makes the data fields in the information object available to your report design. The information object remains on the server and can be modified after you design your report. For example, a data administrator can add or remove fields from an information object.
To ensure that your report design uses current data from an information object, you can synchronize your data set and the data set in the modified information object. To synchronize a data set, you must have an advanced user role.
How to synchronize data sets
In Available Data, choose Synchronize Data Sets, as shown in Figure 11-10. If a new field has been added to the information object, the new field appears in the list. If a field is removed from the information object, the field is removed from the list. If your report design uses a field that is no longer available, BIRT Studio displays an error message. To fix it, delete the column from the report design.
Figure 11-10  

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