Selecting data for a meter chart
Unlike most chart types, a meter chart does not display data on a y- or x-axis. Instead, a meter chart displays each data value as a needle on a dial. A meter chart is used to emphasize a small number of values. This section shows examples of selecting and organizing data for meter charts. Each example shows the following items:
The superimposed meter chart in Figure 8-47 shows two values, actual sales and projected sales.
Figure 8-47  
Figure 8-48 shows the table data that the chart uses. The meter chart displays the aggregate values in the measure columns of the table. Figure 8-49 shows how the data is selected for the chart.
Figure 8-48  
Figure 8-49  
A category series is typically not essential to a meter chart, but is required in this chart that displays Projected Sales and Actual Sales totals for 2006, so the Year column is selected. The aggregate data in the Projected Sales column and the Actual Sales column are the value series.

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